Who is Dr. Angelo Reynolds

Dr. Reynolds believes his own transformation began as early as childhood. The trauma of sexual abuse, abandonment from his father and growing up in a poverty-stricken environment had a tremendous impact on his life.  Through hard work and resiliency, Dr. Reynolds choose a different path for his future. As he began to craft his career, he realized his greatest asset was engage and connect with people in order to make impact in a person’s life.  Our life experiences connect us with one another.  Dr. Reynolds own faith was again tested in 2004 when he nearly lost everything when he was convicted of fraud and lost his private practice. As a convicted felon and unable to gain  employment for 7 years, Dr. Reynolds decided to begin using his God-given talents as a writer, speaker, and trainer to assist others who had experienced setbacks, obstacles, challenges, and life-altering events. 

Dr. Reynolds created Transformers Academy with a primary mission of assisting others with their own life transformations. He is an experienced speaker, trainer and author.  Dr. Reynolds provides stitutions, churches and healthcare professionals to assist both with the personal and professional growth and transformations. 

Meet Me

Dr Angelo Rynolds

Dr. Angelo Reynolds is a motivational speaker, trainer and life coach.  He believes that transformation begins and ends with self. Transformation as he sees it, involves the continuous transitioning of self from one place to another. That is, the universal principles of transformation are connected both to our personal and professional development. 

He believes the universal principles of transformation are Spiritual, Health, Career, Education and Relationships. These are formidable principles that can be the defining catalysts for your future.